"A Person Needs Knowledge More Than He Needs Bread and Meat."

—Sufyan al-Thawri [d. 161 AH / 778 CE]


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Welcome to ILF. The mission of ILF is to spread the message of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. ILF strives to translate into English both classical and contemporary Islamic works that have made an impact upon the lives of Muslims around the world.

Feel free to browse through our projects, and stop to purchase one of our books, listen to our free audios, or read our free articles.


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Browse through our selection of published works, and see which books would spark your interest.

Our aim is to provide books that contains an authentic Message of Islam and that have made an impact of Islamic education. It is through your purchase of our books that we are able to continue our work. 

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Browse through our selection of forthcoming books. Know about the projects that we are excited about and hope that you will be too. These are some of the works that we love and benefit from immensely and we hope you will do as well. Here you can see the progress of our work and when they will be available.

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While working on some of our projects we come across some gems that think will benefit everyone, and so we will upload them here for everyone to enjoy. We hope you enjoy the articles and benefit from them as much as we have ourselves.

Have Patience, Belief, and Taqwa – Ibn Uthaymin

Being Patient With the Muslim Leaders – Ibn Uthaymin

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We know that people are busy moving around, and may not have the time to sit back and enjoy the words of some of the great schoalrs, so we have created our podcasts section for you to download and listen to the translation of their direct words. Here you will find works of both classical and contemporary scholars. We hope you enjoy the podcasts and benefit from them as much as we have ourselves.


Tafsir of Juz Amma Surah 112-114 – Ibn Uthaymin

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